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With pant legs rolled and hidden butterflies grinding my stomach to bits, I stood on the shore of a tiny mountain lake forgetting everything I had planned to say. April sat waiting at the bow, smiling a patient smile. Always calm. On cue, I gave an easy shove and the canoe opened the surface. Ripples of water pulsed under the night’s light and as my foot let go of the rocky lakebed I shivered in anticipation, hoping we would not return the same as we had left.

  • Sacramento Wedding Photographers - […] Above are two images I shot on one of my film cameras (Hasselblad) while recently revisiting the lake where we were engaged. […]

  • Kris - Thank you Bow!

  • Bow - How beautiful! Picture, April, and your story.

  • Gabrielle Chapin - This image is beautiful enough alone…coupled with the description above it is just divine. Congrats!

  • Kris - Thank you good Sir.

  • nirav - Beautifully told Kris. Congratulations you two!!

  • Kris - Aw, thanks Abby!

  • Abby - Woohoo, congrats Kris!

  • Kris - Thanks Thais! We’re super excited. Talk to you soon.

  • Thais - Congratsssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!So exciting!!!!
    This is beautiful!!!!!

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